Barbara Mujica, Ph.D.

Sacred Story Board Member - Barbara Mujica, Ph.D. — Director

Barbara Mujica is a novelist, short story writer, scholar, and theater director. Her novels include I Am Venus (Overlook 2013), Sister Teresa, (Overlook 2007; paperback, Penguin 2008), Frida (Overlook 2001; paperback, Plume 2002). A play based on the Sister Teresa, which depicts the life of Teresa of Avila, was adapted for the stage Coco Blignaut under the title God’s Gypsy. It premiered in Los Angeles in November, 2013.

In 2012 Dr. Mujica won prizes from Maryland Writers’ Association in two divisions: “historical novel” for I Am Venus and “short story” for “Imagining Iraq.” Her other prizes include the Trailblazers Award from Dialogue on Diversity for Frida and other works, the Theodore Christian Hoepfner Award for short fiction, the Pangolin Prize for short fiction, and the E. L. Doctorow International Fiction Competition. She has won grants and awards from Poets and Writers of New York, the Spanish Government, and other institutions. She is a two-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize for Fiction.

In 2010, she curated an exhibition of early modern women’s devotional writing at Georgetown University’s Lauinger Library. Dr. Mujica is a Professor of Spanish and member of the Catholic Studies faculty at Georgetown University in Washington DC.