Christ is the SACRED STORY. Everything in the heavens and on the earth has been made through him and for him. Faith in his healing love and mercy is the foundation for this apostolate. And our parents, as co-creators, blessed us with the beginnings of our own sacred story linked to His. Finally, the generosity of friends provides the means to proclaim Him anew in this Third Millennium through the work of this Institute.

A Dedication

The sacred story of Fr. Watson’s parents, Malcolm Thomas and Peggy Alene, is complete. He thanks them for the life they gave him, and their prayers that now sustain him. This apostolate is dedicated to their memory.

In Thanksgiving

As a young priest at Georgetown, Fr. Watson was inspired by the friendship and support of Jesuit Frs. Tim Healy and Byron Collins, and Arthur and Nancy Calcagnini. Fr. Watson thanks all those who support Jesuit works like this one, dedicated to serving Christ and His Church in this Third Millennium.