Peter Rex

Peter Rex is the CEO of Rex Teams, an organization consisting of companies (i.e. Teams) tech-driven, investment-focused, operationally intensive and or media related headquartered in Austin with offices in Dallas and Tampa Bay.

Peter has a proven track record, turning a sole proprietor-bootstrapped real estate investment business into a $1.5b integrated investment and operations company with over 480 employees across the U.S., $135m in annual revenue, $350m of equity invested, and over $700m in total cash distributed to investors.

In 2015, Peter embarked on an 18-month business investigation to understand how to apply his vision at the largest possible scale. He recognized the value that physically seeing local problems, opportunities, and cultural nuances would have in developing and executing a truly global strategy. His trip led him to 85 countries where he held over 1,000 meetings with leaders in business, non-profit, and government.

In 2016, Peter catalyzed and helped found the Cristo Rey Tampa Salesian High School which now serves over 175 low income students, with its first senior class set to graduate in 2020.

In 2017, Peter launched the first Rex Teams technology company focusing on revolutionizing the “old economy” industries of real estate and construction. He is currently launching two additional tech businesses.

Peter lives with his wife and three children in Austin. He is a member of Legatus and Tiger 21 and is a CPA and lawyer, earning a BA in philosophy and government from Georgetown University, and a JD from Harvard Law School.