Ms. Suzanne M. Burke


The matriarch of a property management family, and business, called Fremont Dock Company, Suzie is a powerhouse in her neighborhood and the Greater Seattle area.  She was brought on at Fremont Dock, an industrial/commercial property company, by her father, the founder, in the 1970s.  Since then, she has worked to make Fremont the great community it is today.  Often her work is behind the scenes, and focused on supporting small business.

Suzie helped found the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, and has been a key player in Rotary since they started allowing female members to join.  Currently, she is a Board Member of the Freedom Education Foundation, Cancer Lifeline, Institute for Systems Biology Foundation, Seattle University School of Education, North Seattle Industrial Association, Seattle Police Foundation, Wesley Community Foundation, and Seattle Legatus, among others.  She also serves on the Seattle Utilities Rate Commission, Holy Names Academy Development Committee, Seattle Industrial Lands Advisory Panel, and the Aurora District Boy Scout Council.

Philanthropy and community engagement are her passions, after her dedication to her family.  She spends her free time with her family, and traveling with them.  A mother of three, grandmother of 4, and very proud great-grandmother of one beautiful baby girl, Suzie is a family woman through and through.