You are not simply a means to an end but something much deeper: a unique Sacred Story. Your story is a part of the ultimate Sacred Story: our salvation through God and His desire to draw each of us to Himself in infinite love and mercy.

The Sacred Story Institute (SSI) is dedicated to revitalizing the classic 15-minute Ignatian Examination of Conscience. Our mission for this powerful daily spiritual discipline is to help adults, teens and youth encounter Christ, the Divine Physician, who heals us in body, mind and spirit, transforming our lives into a Sacred Story!

SSI trabaja para desarrollar nuevos programas que incorporan un enfoque de sistemas integral y holístico que se encuentra en los múltiples programas que hemos creado para niños, jóvenes y adultos. No hay soluciones fáciles, y nuestros métodos para el avance espiritual requieren un trabajo sostenido de por vida, ¡pero son efectivos y brindan conocimiento, esperanza, paz y libertad interior!

Ignatian Spirituality

St. Ignatius of Loyola initially lived a life of self-indulgence. It wasn't until the age of 30 that he surrendered his life to God his Savior, thus beginning the transformation of his life from an anti-story into a Sacred Story.

Evangelization programs can have a shelf-life or become the victims of unplanned obsolesce. The evangelization programs of the Sacred Story Institute, based on Fr. Watson’s legacy, will become part of your faith community and endure in their relevance and effectiveness for decades to come. Invest in programs that will carry your faith community forward, built on the time-tested spirituality of St. Ignatius Loyola.

P. William Watson, S.J.

Founder and president, Fr. Bill Watson, S.J., specializes in building enduring Ignatian-based programs that are designed to withstand the test of time. The Encounter program at Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon will turn 40 in 2019 and has transformed the school. The 5-Day Ignatian Retreat at Georgetown University will have its 30th anniversary in 2017 and the Georgetown Freshman ESCAPE retreat celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016.

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