Watson, SSI Release True Heart: A Way to Selflessness

SEATTLE, WA. – Father William Watson, S.J., and Sacred Story Institute announce the release of its new youth and young adult missionary discipleship book, True Heart: A Way to Selflessness, as well as its companion piece, True Heart Practices.

“It has taken us four years to create an Ignatian life choices and discernment program that can reach the hearts and minds of Millennials, GENX and GENZ,” said Fr. Watson. “These resources will hopefully be a real spiritual powerhouse for youth and young adult ministry everywhere.”
Both editions have their foundation in the spiritual examination principles of St. Ignatius of Loyola and are intended to guide students and young adults toward their intended selfless relationships with God in the face of the world’s distractions.

“There are a million stories in each life but each life only has two possible directions: towards God and the light (selflessness) or away from God and the light (self-centeredness),” said Fr. Watson. “The goal of the various True Heart exercises is to help youth and young adult leaders help others understand the two fundamental different directions one’s life might take. Only one direction can make you feel content and peaceful. Only one direction is your True Heart. To help young adults of all ages understand their True Heart, Sacred Story Institute created the ten-week True Heart program set spiritual exercises.”

True Heart is a 10-week journey of constructing solid spiritual habits. True Heart Practices is the collection of exercises in the book and is intended for youth or young adult meetings and retreats and theology classes.

Nearly half the allotted time for spiritual exercises is simply designed unhooking from technology so individuals can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

Many thoughtful leaders in youth and young adult ministry and formation have endorsed the program. Here are just four:

“True Heart is simply extraordinary,” said Institute for Excellence and Ethics President Matt Davidson, Ph.D. “I personally am so excited to have these for use with my Confirmation classes and in many other formation settings. I am grateful I am for Fr. Bill Watson’s diligent and extraordinary work. I stand in awe of what Fr. Bill Watson produced—the breadth and depth blow my mind.

Curtis Martin, founder and CEO of FOCUS, said: “The True Heart program offers resources for young adults and their formation leaders that provide simple and practical introductions to Ignatian prayer that will help all who use them to discover the deepest desire of their hearts: ‘selflessness” and a daily living relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Michael Gurian, New York Times bestselling author of The Wonder of Boys and The Minds of Girls says: “The Sacred Story Institute is at the leading edge of wisdom development in both children and adults. Now the Institute and its founder, Fr. William Watson, have created a very powerful set of programs for youth and young adults called TRUE HEART. I highly recommend the TRUE HEART programs.”

Jesuit McQuaid theology instructor, Marcella Nesbitt says: “TRUE HEART exceeds one’s expectations of an “all-in-one” program. It does so simply because the TRUE HEART experience provides the door through which each individual may discover God in themselves—and others—in the present moment. I cannot say the same of any other program I’ve tried in a thirty-plus year career in Catholic education.”

The books are available on Amazon.com.
True Heart: A Way to Selflessness
True Heart Practices (Full Color)
True Heart Practice (Black and White)

Youth and young adult leaders should call SSI for bulk orders. Orders of 40 or more books trigger a 40 percent discount.

About Sacred Story Institute: Located in Seattle, Sacred Story Institute (SSI) is dedicated to revitalizing the classic 15-minute Ignatian Examination of Conscience. Our mission for this powerful daily spiritual discipline is to help adults, teens and youth encounter Christ, the Divine Physician, who heals us in body, mind and spirit, transforming our lives into a Sacred Story.

About Fr. William M. Watson, SJ: Fr. William Watson, S.J., D. Min., has spent over 30 years developing Ignatian programs and retreats He has collaborated extensively with Fr. Robert Spitzer in the last 15 years on Ignatian retreats for corporate CEO’s. In the Spring of 2011 he launched a non-profit institute to bring Ignatian Spirituality to Catholics of all ages and walks of life. The Sacred Story Institute is promoting third millennium evangelization for the Society of Jesus and the Church by using the time-tested Examination of Conscience of St. Ignatius.