SSI Renewal Programs Subscription Service

Beginning September 1, 2012, SSI Examen will be offered as a subscription service entitled SSI Renewal Programs. From the research survey feedback system SSI has developed, the SSI team wants to offer the SSI Examen as a Christian community renewal program so whole parishes can experience the powerful healing experience of prayer and reconciliation of Ignatian spirituality.

The SSI Renewal Programs Subscription Service will be offered at: $25 per participant for groups numbering 100 or less; $20 per participant in groups numbering between 101-300; and $15 per participant in groups above 301 to 1000. Pre-register for SSI Renewal Programs by contacting Mr. Manny Scholz, SSI executive assistant at:

Program Details

Pope Benedict, in Jesus of Nazareth, has described Christianity as a therapeutic religion. Healing, he says, is an essential dimension of the apostolic mission and of Christian faith in general, and “when understood at a sufficiently deep level, this expresses the entire content of redemption.”

This renewal service will be geared to helping the individuals in faith communities encounter the healing power of Christ through prayer and Reconciliation. A service geared to individuals is intended to build up the faith of the entire community.

Sacred Story Institute is a research apostolate employing a new, powerful methodology to study the impact of the daily Ignatian Examen disciplines and Sacramental Reconciliation on holistic growth. Each research participant in the groups purchasing the Renewal Program Subscription Service will have the opportunity to do a whole-life survey at the commencement of the yearlong prayer journey.

The Sacred Story whole-life survey will be comprehensive, seeking to build a complete portrait of the individuals engaged in the yearlong prayer journey. SSI is pioneering a new research methodology to join the spiritual, psychological, and medical healing arts harmonious with Catholic Faith and Tradition.

Our goal in this synergistic approach is to accelerate development of targeted applications of the time-tested Ignatian spiritual disciplines and discernment techniques so everyone can faithfully live life as a sacred story, no matter the challenges one faces. We also seek to energize faith communities by teaching them powerful prayer disciplines and giving them the means of understanding their needs by our integral research methodology.

Individuals in each participating group purchasing the Renewal Subscription Service will each receive a personal report based on their own feedback that only they will have access to. From our yearlong research methodology, we will offer individuals a diagnostic report on how they responded to the prayer experiences, where challenges came in the yearlong process and what they are linked to, graces and insights gained and what these are linked to, and how the prayer and Reconciliation disciplines strengthened their faith, promoting integral growth and healing.

The diagnostic was developed by Fr. Bill Watson, S.J. in his doctoral work on the Ignatian Examen at The Catholic University of America. SSI is refining it in our initial research year to support integral growth in holiness and the evangelization needs of our Church today. We want to bring the entire healing arts of our Catholic Tradition to bear in helping today’s Catholics experience the Christ who came to heal us.

The pastor or community leader purchasing the Renewal Program Subscription Service will have the option of receiving a general report of the issues and trends of his/her faith community. All SSI analysis reports will be scrubbed of any personal identifiers to only show trends and issues for the faith communities who do the service as a group.

Our hope is to use the power of prayer and technology to help individuals and groups of individuals know best where to use their resources to maximum effect for the faith development needs of the community.

Our research and our processes ensure the strictest confidentiality. We want to make the SSI Renewal Program secure so individuals and faith communities will have the confidence that their participation will benefit them and others and be done to the highest professional standards. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Note: SSI will work with communities wanting to do the SSI Renewal Program Subscription Service who have special financing needs. Pre-register for SSI Renewal Programs by contacting Mr. Manny Scholz, SSI executive assistant at: