SSI Examen

The Sacred Story Institute’s yearlong research units teach practitioners a new application of Ignatius’ classic method developed by SSI’s founder and president, Fr. William Watson, S.J. SSI tracks research participant’s experiences through the yearlong process.

The results are refined into 40 week learning modules and uploaded to They will be accessible at no cost to help today’s Catholics find a sure path to God’s grace, healing and guidance and specifically to:

Revitalize a daily prayer discipline to help us strengthen a personal, relationship with Jesus Christ

Teach a holistic and vital method for engaging regular sacramental Reconciliation and discover one of the greatest healing remedies available anywhere

Promote best practices in Ignatian spiritual discernment for all Catholics for decisions and choices that produce fruit enduring to eternity

Enable Catholics from all walks of life to better understand and live their unique sacred story within the Sacred Story of Jesus Christ as entrusted to the Church

The first SSI Examen learning module will be available soon at

Parishes, Schools and other institutions will be able to use the SSI Examen learning module in conjunction with a research component for SSI Renewal Programs also beginning soon. Go to SSI Examen Course to begin the SSI Examen 40 week program.