Week #24

Forty Weeks ~ Sacred Story

Week 24 Prayer Exercises

Encouragements & Wisdom

In addition to this week’s prayer materials, there are new Encouragements and Wisdom for Week 24 (PDF).

Part Two
Building Sacred Story Prayer Practice

1 As I engage the last meditation in Sacred Story prayer this week, I will review my commitment to develop a rhythm that will carry me the rest of my life. To help me with that commitment, I resolve to spend no more and no less than 15-minutes in each formal prayer session.

2 For week twenty-four I am invited to pray meditation five in the Sacred Story prayer: Eternity. As St. Ignatius suggested, I will enter my prayer at least once daily for 15-minutes.

3 Meditation Five—Eternity: I will use my first prayer session to review the daily prayer structure from Week 16 and then use my remaining 15-minute prayer periods to pray Eternity.

I will awaken to the present moment.
I will awaken to my spiritual nature.
I will not make any decisions based on fear.
I will practice Sacramental Reconciliation monthly.

Focus Affirmation for Week Twenty-Four

I will say this affirmation aloud once daily:

Times of difficulty and stress always give way to
times of peace and hope.


Read this at the beginning of the week

Awakening to Sacred Story Prayer—Eternity

Every day, consciously enter Sacred Story prayer during your set time(s). For these next weeks, we are building the five meditations of Sacred Story prayer. Set aside the other pieces and focus on Eternity for your 15-minute prayer sessions this week. Your focus is Eternity.

Be faithful to the structure. Ignatius was wise in developing the ritual, and rituals are very important. The ritual itself detailed below does not save you. Yet the ritual, faithfully practiced, makes it easier for you to open your mind and heart to the One who does save you! Rituals are good. Review the structure of the 15-minute prayer sessions. You will find these at the bookmark you left in Week 16.

Awakening to Sacred Story’s Meditations—Eternity

Prayer Exercise—Eternity

I believe the grace of forgiveness opens my heart, making my every thought, word and deed bear fruit that endures to eternity. I ask that everything in my life serve Christ’s Great Work of Reconciliation.

Prelude: The Sacred Story of all history, revealed on the last day, will show that the lost innocence and the broken hearts of humankind inaugurated the Great Work of Reconciliation. Because of Christ’s mercy, each of us is now being invited to take our part in this work. The grace of mercy and forgiveness, received and offered, is the reconciling work that brings true progress to the world; it is the only work that brings fulfillment and bears fruit that endures to eternity. A holy life and the highest consciousness attainable come in personally knowing the One who both reconciles my life, and reconciles all creation. In this reconciling Love, I daily discern how to direct each thought, word, and deed, to eternal glory—to the Divine work of reconciliation.

Illuminative Grace: Here I ask for what I desire: to be graced daily with a profound consciousness of Christ Jesus’ healing love, personally experienced, that will so enlighten my heart and mind that my every thought, word and deed can serve His Great Work of Universal Reconciliation.


I will listen for what God, the Lord, has to say;
surely he will speak of peace
To his people and to his faithful.
May they not turn to foolishness!

Near indeed is his salvation for those who fear him;
glory will dwell in our land.
Love and truth will meet;
justice and peace will kiss.
Truth will spring from the earth;
justice will look down from heaven.

Yes, the Lord will grant his bounty;
our land will yield its produce.
Justice will march before him,
and make a way for his footsteps.

(Ps 85: 9-14)