Week #6 Wisdom from the Community

Forty Weeks ~ Sacred Story

Week 6 Wisdom from the Community
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E & W reflections are additional helps for your Sacred Story prayer journey. Reflect on them ahead of your prayer exercises for the week or outside of your fifteen-minute prayer windows.

The Sacred Story Community offers their wisdom to this question: What advice would you give “to a person like yourself” to encourage them to continue Sacred Story at this point in the yearlong prayer journey?


I’ve been on this journey for 25 years and can relate in all these things. Even with that I can continue to grow and change to become more like Christ.

It can be overwhelming to think about committing to something like this for an entire year but each week I find myself being more mindful of God’s presence in my life.

Be patient. Developing a new routine takes time and practice, but this has been very much worth it.

Staying the course will assist in bringing tranquility in your life’s situations.

To a great degree, I have been impressed that I look forward to the dedicated time to read and reflect. I have been disappointed that my goal to set aside two fifteen minutes sessions has not panned out as well as I desired. Since I am still in a full-time job and have family obligations, the dedicated time can be usurped. If it happens, try to find another 15-minute time slot in your day. I have looked forward to these sessions, and I am very aware when I do not devote the full 15 minutes.

The discipline of showing up will sometimes take willpower but after awhile, it becomes something you look forward to as an “oasis” in the desert of busyness.

Be discipline and be committed. Pray for help and spiritual strength.

Finding 15 minutes a day is a challenge. I have kids, a full time job, cooking, laundry, the ferrying of my kids to endless CYO sports practices, but the 15-minute discipline has a spill over effect. I feel if I can pray in this quiet focused way, first thing in the morning, I am more likely to be focused in the rest of my day. I feel I am more “in the moment” experiencing and aware of other parts of my life. I don’t want to sleepwalk my way through life; I am surprised by how 15 minutes makes a difference.

Don’t fret. God is in charge of everything. Just do what you can and God will do the rest.

Your growth in faith is never complete. You can’t know what the end point of your faith understanding will be. Understand if you continue on this journey, you will most definitely have a deepening of your faith and love of Christ.

It is an interesting concept. It certainly has caused me to think about my responses to things that come up in my daily life.

This is just the beginning. You really have no idea what lies ahead.

It is a tremendous opportunity to grow closer in my relationship with God.

Be discipline in setting prayer time and have trust in God to lead you.

Setting a regular schedule is key to “finding the time” to do the exercises.

Be strong. Stay the course. Discovery of Authentic Self during this journey like peeling off layers of an onion – tears of grief, relief – always grace! However long the journey, highs and lows, God walks with us as we strive for holiness and union with Him. Keep your eye on The Prize! / A priceless journey!!

Too soon to quit.

Personal results can be slow, and it may be difficult to see direct connections between the prayer practice and personal growth, but it is there: there is peace and healing in this practice.

It is important to continue in this yearlong prayer journey to be closer to God and your faith. Ask God for strength and discipline to continue. The easier yet unrewarding path would be to give up.

Don’t be discouraged if life has not stepped aside to let you do this start as you had anticipated/better/with more time.

Regarding the affirmations from week two, keep going back to them. Life is always changing. Affirmations that did not seem to have meaning suddenly become relevant.

Making the time for Sacred Story will be worth the investment if you believe it will and you carve out the time!

I have not been faithful to my decision to participate but my intention is still there–so I am going to keep trying….

Take one day at a time. A year seems like a long time when developing a new “habit.” I like the advice not to read ahead but stay in the present. That’s hard for a “planner” and “future tripper” like me.

Sacred Story offers the ability to face my fears and the tools to diffuse them. To climb out of the mental and emotional ruts I am in, and “rewire” myself for a future of hope and balance. It offers hope of becoming the Best Version of Myself.

Spend time in prayer. Or attend mass every day during Lent if you are able.

Do not stop, you have barely begun!

I believe it will change your life for the better in a powerful way.

Stay the course in spite of your fears.

If God has given you the grace to come as far as you have on your faith journey, He will give you the grace you need to continue with Sacred Story. He would not call you to come half way and leave you stranded.

Each week is a ‘touch point’ on the journey–perhaps only a surface advancement such as being able to focus more on your prayer/meditation; perhaps just setting and keeping to the routine. With each graced moment of progress, acknowledgement and thanks to God, more mercy and grace will come…. one foot in front of the other, with God walking along beside us.

The more time you invest in reflection on the material twice a day, the more opportunities God has for opening up your awareness to hear Him.

That it time and patience and prayer to deal with issues in our life. There may not be instant answers.

I’m participating because I felt my daily prayer ritual was becoming boring and I was starting to skip days. I like the excitement of a new prayer tool. What do you have to lose by continuing sacred story? Nothing but 15 minutes of your time and think of the benefits that 15 minutes spent on Sacred Story will improve your life experience of the other 23 hrs and 45 minutes in a day.

Follow your heart desire, don’t think about the whole yearlong, and just take a week at a time.

The place of prayer should be the same everyday.

No matter how stressful my day or circumstances, I always feel more at peace after my 15 minutes of prayer.

“Be not afraid” are Jesus’ constant words to remind His friends that drawing nearer to the Lord is genuinely a process that makes us more alive, more loving, more in conformity with who Christ is calling us to become. Continue and trust the Holy Spirit working in the silence and the echo of Ignatius in the third millennium.

I would say that whatever you’re doing right now in your life that is causing you ‘busyness” or “distraction” can change, and will change with thought, prayer and action. Or even silence. Keep going on this journey with the intent to bring peaceful change. It will come with prayer and grace. Trust.

You’ll never know how your life might be changing if you give up now. Here is an opportunity to grow closer to Christ. Why not learn it? Why not look clearly at how your life was messed up in the past because of what you willed. Now its time to find out what God wills. There is a reason you were attracted to this exercise. Don’t give up because Christ never will.

Be not afraid

I strongly believe in the Affirmations. Although I believe that by the end of this journey, all of the Affirmations will become part of my Sacred Story, the two that I immediately embraced were numbers 1 and number 4. The Ignatian Paradigm is a wonderful outline to use as you begin examination of your own life and it a model for HOW to pray.

When I consented to start this journey I was fully employed. This week my job ended and I am now unemployed. I had no idea this would happen when I consented to the journey, yet here I am. God inspired me to start this journey for a reason. One glimpse of why God wanted me on this journey right now came this week with the job loss. More glimpses and revelations will come. Now I can’t wait to see what comes next in God’s plan.

I already have an established prayer schedule. I needed to make decision of how to incorporate Sacred Story. So far, depending on my day, I have made it an additional separate time if I can. If not, I am making it the priority. If you miss a time or a day, don’t worry. Resume the next. Takes time to establish a habit.

I am praying 5 times a week at regular times in my workday. I can be reminded by my work calendar, and I am in charge of my schedule at work in a way I am not at home.

It brings peace to a troubled soul.

It has focused my thoughts and strengthened my confidence.

15 minutes a day (or even 15 minutes twice a day) is a small investment for a lot to gain to walk closer with the Lord. I believe that God wants us to seek his guidance and blesses the time that we give to him.

Be patient with yourself. I am becoming more aware all the while of my brokenness in my quest to become ‘holy’ which is a moment to moment decision, but I realize that Our Savior is with me & encouraging me to continue on this journey & that He will give me the graces to accept His love & guidance.

For myself, I feel there is no crisis in my life that I am working through. There is no major issue in my past. My challenge is not to be content with being merely “okay.” My hope and faith is that while God has done such good things for me already and has protected me from many things, he nevertheless desires to show me so much more. My challenge is to be open to what God has in store for me. To move from a life that is good, to one that is even better.

Take it a day at a time (a week at a time) and believe that God hugely desires to touch you and help you live a fuller more authentic life.

Use this opportunity to take yourself off of the treadmill of life. You have been shown the path, there is even a light shining on the path to direct your way. Trust, make yourself vulnerable, and fall in to the love, peace and joy of God.

Reserve the same daily time(s) and comfortable location to reflect on weekly assignments, readings and prayers. Quiet all distractions.

I would say that this is an adventure in understanding how Christ is always present, now and in eternity, and has always had the power to awaken one’s conscience. I would encourage, “a person like myself”, to be excited about the fact that Christ always there, wants to wake us up and that there is, “no end” to how awake we can be to His love.

Getting in the habit of praying daily is the foundation I believe to developing a meaningful prayer life. By reading the assignment repeatedly, you can reflect on the article in different ways.

Make your prayer time a priority. It will give you more energy to get the thing done that you were going to do instead of praying.

This is just the beginning. Don’t be impatient. A lot can happen in a year.

It takes time to develop a discipline.

As Christians we need to make Christ the center of our life and Sacred Story will help us to begin that journey.

Relationship with God can only get better. Give it a try.

This is a daily journey, setting my life requirements in order with my spiritual path. I find if I skip a morning, my day doesn’t run as peaceful than when I open my laptop first, to SSI materials.

I am beginning to understand that prayer is like spiritual equivalent of keeping “fit” physically. You have to use the prayer exercises regularly to keep spiritually fit and the Sacred Story is one way to “keep fit.”

God always has something to bless us with or an area he wants to heal or transform in us so stay faithful to the process

Trust the process.

Stay with it. Only after it becomes a habit and one starts thinking and praying does it all become clearer.

It takes several weeks, 21 days I think, to learn a new habit. You are just reaching that point, stay the course.

Even if you become discouraged continue. The day I didn’t get my fifteen minutes, my ability to focus on the moment was impossible.

Do the 15-minute prayer exercises daily. Make it mandatory. It’s much harder to do if you don’t make it mandatory to yourself, you’ll never do it. Do the 15 minutes a day. God will bless you with mental peace.

The prayer discipline taps into ones creativity and hopefulness.

We do not yet know where this journey will take us. It is only the beginning and we are just starting to develop this discipline.

I had doubts that I could sustain this for even a week, that it would be a chore. On my first days’ reading session, my jaw literally dropped in amazement. St Ignatius and I shared the same crummy habits and values. What amazed me was that I too had started daydreaming about Holy things, which left no time for reliving my shameful ones. But I didn’t know where this could lead me. Now I know they were the beginning of Ignatius’ road to Sainthood.

Keep on keeping on….little by little

It is very tempting to put aside the tools that are helping to unfold the pain that must be felt, as we dig into our personal journeys. Do not give up! Cling to a special prayer or mantra that will help give you emotionally strength. “Honor the pain”. It is a purgation that has to occur to make room for future knowledge that will be received when you are ready. Hang on tight!

Try not to think ahead. Do not try to move beyond the present. Wait for wonderful surprises. This is a journey and an adventure. Take it a day at a time. It is very necessary to spend time in the morning and evening with the Lord. It is like someone who has had an acute back strain. You must do the exercises you have been given twice a day. They usually do not take very long. However, if you do not do them, the condition you will eventually end in will be worse than the original strain. The time comes when you feel really good. That is when trouble can start. Any kind of discipline is not easy, but it is better than the alternative. I particularly liked the comment that God will always be your shield. He will always help you. Just ask.

This is a life process. It takes time. Do not be in such a hurry but let the process and God take hold.

Be patient and open your heart to god and you will fine peace.

The program is still a bit of a mystery at this point…so I would encourage them to continue along the path to see where it might lead.

This week we have only just begun to scratch the surface in delving into building a closer relationship with Christ. Be patient. Be persistent. Ask God for assistance in creating this new habit in your life and for anything else you think you need in order to continue with your commit to this yearlong prayer journey. Find an accountability partner in your life if you can – someone who you trust to help you keep your commitment to this journey.

Taking time for God does wonders for your mind. It’s like working out but you’re working out with Jesus. The high you feel after spending time with God sets the bar for your day, week, month, and year!

Be Patient and persevere

You should draw strength from the opportunity in the path ahead of you. Reaffirm the willingness and courage it took you to step forward and try this journey. Do not get caught up in length of the journey, instead find your firm grounding in way you have already felt a small shift in the way you frame your daily thoughts and the moments when you mind has briefly drifted back to those minutes of prayer. It is those moments of quiet comfort that will grow and sustain you if you are still willing to seek the continued opening of your heart.

You’re not being asked to believe; you’re just being asked to do the program.

God loves you where you are. Keep going and find out where He is taking you.

It is very early in the journey, too early to perceive any benefits. To stop now would be wasting all of the previous effort. You definitely need to give it a go and see where it will lead you.

Don’t think about this as a LONG year, but a series of decisions to continue daily.

A prayer journey: what a wonderful concept. To take a spiritual journey implies that you are going to explore new territory and be a pioneer and adventurer. What have you got to lose? What have you got to gain?

It could never hurt you to keep trying.

Keep on trying…. persevere…pray constantly.

Learn to make it a priority … with myself I tend to watch TV to unwind when really being in touch with Jesus is a lot better choice and relaxes me and teaches me and I feel more positive about myself.

You will be tempted by fear thoughts. The lesson says: God will be your shield and God’s grace will be your salvation. These words will bring comfort. I also believe attending Mass, praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament, saying the rosary, reading the bible and attending church functions also help stay focused for Sacred Story.

Each day that you commit to this journey is one step closer you draw yourself toward the promises God has for us. There are so many struggles we face every day, it is important that we allow ourselves these islands of peace for the journey we face. Take this time for yourself. You deserve it.

I had a very intense spiritual experience about 25 years ago. Part of the experience left me with the desire to pray each day in an organized manner — both morning and evening. It also left me with a very strong pull toward contemplative prayer. I guess you could say that part of the grace of that experience is that I have been faithful to that practice on a daily basis every since. I’ve have times on occasion when I don’t get in morning or evening prayer but I’ve never had a difficult time “sticking” with it over the long haul and for that, I am grateful. So, in a nutshell, I don’t need much encouragement right now to continue on with Sacred Story. Just writing this little bit has solidified my own Sacred Story.

I would encourage them to meditate on the closing sentence: “May you know you are held in the hand of love that created the world.” (It is) one of the most powerful sentences in a letter that I have ever read.

Keep at it. It’s only the beginning. Aren’t you curious about what comes next? God has pulled you this far and just follow a little further.

Since it is early, delve in as best you cannot thinking of what is to come, but relish the opportunity to be on such a Sacred Journey. Make notes after prayer as a further way of reflecting and seeing how the experience develops over time.

I have many blessings in my life and am “comfortable” in many ways, yet for some reason that makes me uncomfortable. I am hoping that this journey will help me to find the answers to my questions and assist me in my faith journey.

My hope is that while it might not feel like it yet, that this practice is forming the base of something transformational in my life, spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally. I hope that each day that I stay on the journey is one day closer to drawing nearer to God and nearer to the person He wants me to be. Plus, this is probably about how much time it takes me to get my cup of Starbucks in the morning so I should be able to set aside 15 minutes for God and myself.

I prayer everyday, regardless of where I am, but with the Sacred Story the time I spend on this journey is more of a quiet, planned and intimate experience.

There are benefits that help you to focus on your relationship with God. I especially liked the affirmations in week 1 – I thought they kept me focused.

Stick with it. It’s not that much of a time commitment.

Have faith and hope. There is a lot of healing that needs to occur.

Even if you have not established a habit of set times to do the 15-minute islands of reflection don’t give up. Some people have schedules that do not remain consistent i.e. someone who works shifts that vary from week to week. Just do your best. / If you are not in the habit of meditating don’t get frustrated if you find it difficult. I assume eventually it will get easier.

Just take it one day at a time.

Your days are SO busy, but your longing for peace in life is worth 15 minutes to help yourself and let God in.

Be patient!

This is only the beginning.

You will be closer to God if you decide to use any tool 15 minutes a day. These materials are ready for you. / Here is an opportunity to grow. We hope you take it.

Having had Sacred Story be part of my life now for two weeks, I can say that I feel it is a very positive and powerful presence for me. I feel like I am a more mature person and that I am being responsible with respect to my life and my soul.

The ONLY help we can count on is our Lord Jesus Christ!

It will help you thru out the day when you have choices that pull you in several directions. It helps choose the way your conscience pulls you to go.

Be patient and give it a try. You have noting to loose and much to gain. The only cost is 30 min a day.

If you fall off or feel discouraged continue on…. even fake it till you make it…. it does happen, the faith, the belief, the mercies, the miraculous happenings….

I guess I’d say you signed up looking for something, stick it out and see if you find it.

Look at this as a time to take a break, relax, be comfortable and reflect. It’s a great way to reduce life’s hectic pace.

Biggest challenge so far is setting aside the time for reading and reflecting. But so rewarding when I do accomplish this. It is with greater joy; the more I meet this daily goal.

I will encourage persevering in doing this on a daily basis. In fact, I now look forward to doing my 15-minute every morning.

Take an inventory of what you are grateful for in your life daily. Don’t over-react to your feelings of success or struggle so far in starting this process, but trust that God is part of whatever you’re experiencing. Listen, watch and pray for God to be active in your life and those you come in contact with.

To improve in your spiritual journey, you need to be consistent and diligent.

We have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Reminders are good idea to do the fifteen min. prayer time

Just do it!

Only good things will follow.

Try not to be afraid of the material or the ways in which your life may change. Try not to judge yourself as you go, but to give yourself some credit simply for stepping in. Ask God to hold you in safety. Give yourself time to feel what the exercises bring up; just sit with them and try to make space for these feelings. Try not to run from them or shove them back down.

This is such a Gift! I eagerly and selfishly look forward to each day and each step with anticipation and peace.

Stay focused on the journey. It is difficult to discipline yourself to focus on these daily prayer/reflection sessions. Focus on setting your daily business aside for 15 minutes to seriously reflect on your personal Sacred Story.

Steady effort ultimately pays off.

If you are having trouble seeing this experience as a journey, view it as a process. Be open to “processing” the information you receive. Ask the Holy Spirit to be your guide and the Spirit will give you the insight you need, exactly when you need it.

You’ve only give it three weeks, maybe two-three hours in reality. All things worth doing take an investment in time and energy, so keep moving.


I would encourage people to read the sacred story very slowly.

Starting anything new is a challenge – to find the time, to make the commitment. I made a commitment when I filled out the form. If I feel like quitting anything, I ask myself why? Why can’t I continue the commitment? Usually I find I can, it’s a momentary lapse in commitment.

I would advise them to stick with it because I completely feel that once I learn more through the Sacred Story, pray and reflect, I will be a much better person. I am learning how to use the information given to me from the Sacred Story and apply it to my struggles in my life. Through the lessons, I am learning how to pray, reflect on my mistakes and search for God to help me overcome my problems. If I don’t stick with it, I know I won’t be the best person I can be and that is very important to me. So in short, I would tell them to stick with it because I do believe it’s the only way that is going to guide me to be the person I am meant to be and bring me closer to God.

Continue to do what I am doing… Stay the course…

Make the time and really devote yourself.

Even though you may feel challenged to set aside this time daily, the rewards far outweigh the challenge. The grace received during this quiet time recognizing God’s constant presence with us will carry you through.

Stay the course. Stick to a schedule. Every day gets better.

Again I would go back to my comments about what gets in the way of prayer. This applies to every area of our lives to. Many of us start out strong and then begin to wither. If we do not understand how this happens, we will not be able to prevent it, stand through it, thrive through it, and thrive beyond it. This is also what developing discipline is. A friend and I are doing this journey simultaneously. We both acknowledge that it is usually busyness that initially distracts us from consistency; HOWEVER, it is actually not the busyness that has the greatest impact on our withering strength….it is all the unaddressed thoughts and feelings that result which we are hardly aware of that have the most impact. For example, I miss my morning hour of prayer and the thought is something like- “oh look, you are starting to slide, this always happens to you.” “You already missed the hour you committed to, you might as well just wait for tomorrow”…. The list goes on and on. For me, it is wildly unrealistic to expect that I will not have these thoughts but nonetheless when I gear up for a commitment (especially if I am unaware of all these thoughts associated feelings- discouragement, frustration, impatience, etc), I anticipate how it will go well, not how it will be hard. If I do not expect these thoughts and feelings, I get discouraged when I start sensing them. IF however, I expect that they will be there (which I have learned to always do), then I can plan better, how to deal with them. / “NEVER believe the messages prompted by menacing fears. Always counter them with a firm commitment to stay the course, to stay awake, to remain conscious! This decisive, enduring commitment to stay the course returned his tranquility. The fear abated. The enemy was unmasked and Ignatius saw another paradigm—The Truth Paradigm—that would guide his new life, and help shape his first foundational discernment principles.” / Not only does this writing from this week help me in times of temptation related to sin, but it also helps me through these many moments of potential discouragement. It is not about stuffing them and not paying attention to them so that I can move on. And it is not about dwelling on them either. It is about learning what they are so that I can be aware of them so that I can deal with them and move on. / For my friend and I, and also a rosary group we started lately, this scripture verse is also most helpful! “11At the time, all discipline seems a cause not for joy but for pain, yet later it brings the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who are trained by it’s” Hebrews, 12:11. This tells me: it is totally normal to struggle. It is unrealistic to just expect discipline. It is unreasonable to beat myself up about not being disciplined if I have not learned how to be disciplined. If anything, this whole prayer process is actually about me learning how to be disciplined and asking God to show me how to do this. Discipline- a cause for pain? Well, I can totally identify with that. Those who are trained by it? Trained? It makes it sound like it is a process and that it takes a lot of time to develop. Duh! Hello, that is because it does. (this is me talking to myself by the way). This again is so encouraging to me: 1) I am normal 2) discipline is hard to develop 3) although it is normal to struggle to develop discipline, and probably really normal to give up on trying- giving up is not helpful to me / If I really want to learn discipline, I have to learn how to endure everything that tries to attack my discipline. Once I can endure this, I will have developed discipline. It is not about becoming something- like “I will be healthy one day”. No, it is about BEING now. Being now = becoming later. Not the other way around. The other way around just gets me into trouble because it always helps postpone me trying to be it in the moment and it always, for me, gets me on a track of expecting to be perfect at something. On the other hand being in the moment means being amidst all of what I do not understand and amidst all the associated challenges. Once I can endure this being, I have become.

Even though you may be insanely busy in your life – hang on! Give what you can and don’t be disappointed in you. Sometimes what you can give is enough to keep on going.

You have to make the time/ feel so much better when I make the time

Since so many of our responses to life come out of our past, it would be good to open all that up more fully to God so we can be our truest selves.

It has only just begun. You will never know how much you can get out of this research until you try. You may be very surprised at the spirituality you may gain. If not you can always have your misery refunded and go back to the same way of life that created problems.

At this point, I would say to not give up because there are only gains in continuing this journey.

Give it time. Give it a chance. Even though my prayer periods are not always regular or at the same time, it has helped me to reflect more upon God and my own ,or my own lack of, virtues and discipline.

Make your reflection time a sacred time. Block out all the noise of your life and enjoy the opportunity to listen to your heart, to the Spirit, to God.

I think it’s easier to think of the long haul rather than a short time period, since there will be time to stray and come back.

Try it!

Establishing a new routine takes time and once you feel the positive effects, it will become a priority.

Identify the daily prayer times now and begin to set that time aside, be consistent and build a routine just like getting up for work or something.

When I reach the end of this life I want to be in much better shape spiritually than I am now. Somewhere along the way I hope something will happen to get me closer to that goal. This exercise might do it, but not unless I hang in there.

For healthy behavior change, one must examine the facilitators and barriers to action. In effect, we are creating habits. Facilitators could include reminders on your phone or the encouragement of a loved one to commit to the daily spiritual reflection. Barriers could include lack of technology/wireless connection or unwillingness to change. Addressing such facilitators and barriers could help ensure active adherence to a schedule or routine of prayer and reflection.

When you get the urge to say, “oh I’ll catch up tomorrow,” pray for strength to instead read and reflect at that very moment. There may not always be a tomorrow! 🙂

Beauty often unfolds slowly, with time. Give this time to let the beauty that Christ wants to show you unfold.

Just make the time already, you’re worth it. Don’t Facebook for the night, don’t work, and watch one less TiVo show.

Take a deep breath; one day at a time. Be open to Jesus might be revealing to you through this process.

Start and restart again and again until the desire really forms in you. Do not let the evil one derail you into giving up. Pay attention instead to the Lord of your life who says — never give up as long as you live.

It took me 30 years of aimless traveling in my spiritual and every day life. I’d like to see what just one year of purpose-driven living can look like.

Ask yourself this question: What could be more important in my life than spending this very little bit of time with the Lord?

Be committed to the process even though at times we may not want to be as open and honest as you are asking us to be. Be honest with our selves about our feelings.

If you have already been doing it for 2 weeks, just continue doing it. What harm could it do? If anything, even there is even the smallest change in your life, then you have had some type of benefit from Sacred Story.

Live in the present moment with God. What else is more important?

All the work that has been put into the Sacred Story program makes it an incredible opportunity for us volunteers; the “price” is a nominal investment of our time, but the benefit potential is large.

Reading the Sacred Story exercises for the 15 minutes extends into the rest of my day and changes my attitude for the positive.

I find myself wanting to continue because there is something drawing me towards gaining more spiritual guidance and finding peacefulness to my life.

Every Day is a new day. God is here, thick or thin.

Do not give up!

It has been really hard for me to set time aside when reading stories. I have a tough time focusing on them. There needs to be a better way of encouraging us to want to take thee 15 plus minutes out a day. The advice I would give is to make the time and stay focused.

Just to remember I was drawn to this and I should complete it.

It’s a long journey – and learning how to journey with patience and attentiveness is a powerful way to open yourself to Christ.