E&W 1-12-14

Sacred Story

Encouragements & Wisdom: January 12, 2014


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The Affirmations

Christ, who has walked before me, shares my every burden.

The visitation to Mary proclaims God’s power to bring about the new heavens and the new earth. The Angel Gabriel announces to the world at the fullness of time that the miraculous power of God is coming into the world. The heart of the announcement is this: “For nothing will be impossible for God.” Lk 1: 37.

We must remember at all times that no matter what happens, and no matter how impossible the problems we face, that “nothing will be impossible for God.” Christ has promised to resolve all problems by His power and grace and by our patience. We must nurture our faith and give Christ the room to work miracles. Our belief in God’s power strengthens us and gives us hope. Faith is a verb and we need to thank God in Christ for the amazing ways He saves us, the Church and the world.

Begin your habit of praise today because Christ, who has walked before all of us, will resolve every crisis to the Glory of His Father.

Lord Jesus Christ, we praise you, for you have done wonderful things. Thank you for being our Savior and walking ahead of us. Thank you for your promise that for you, nothing will be impossible. Please deepen our faith in your promise so that in everything we may praise you in
Creation, Presence, Memory, Mercy and Eternity.


The God of glory thunders,
and in his temple all say, “Glory!”
The LORD is enthroned above the flood;
the LORD is enthroned as king forever.

(Psalm 29: 9-10)



Feast of the Theophany
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