E&W 3-3-13

Sacred Story

Encouragements & Wisdom: March 3, 2013


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We are stepping outside our lessons on Presence for these next few weeks as we pray for the Church during this time of transition. Christianity is ultimately about Jesus Christ and encountering him in our lives. Sacred Story has as its main goal to help individuals achieve this personal, felt encounter with Jesus. This is the main purpose of evangelization. We are moved to share the faith with others because of this personal experience with the Lord. Pope Benedict XVI knew that evangelization is the Church’s main mission. Let us pray this week that the Cardinal electors keep this mission of evangelization front and center as they discern who will follow next in the shoes of Peter the fisherman. We remember the Holy Father’s words to us on Sept. 3, 2008:

”Christianity is not a new philosophy or new morality. We are Christians only if we encounter Christ… Only in this personal relationship with Christ, only in this encounter with the Risen One do we really become Christians… Therefore, let us pray to the Lord to enlighten us, so that, in our world, he will grant us the encounter with his presence, and thus give us a lively faith, an open heart, and great charity for all, capable of renewing the world.”


And for yourself, pray that the Holy Spirit illuminate all your thoughts, words and deeds so that you can personally encounter Christ in
Creation, Presence, Memory, Mercy and Eternity.


The LORD secures justice
and the rights of all the oppressed.
He has made known his ways to Moses,
and his deeds to the children of Israel.
Merciful and gracious is the LORD,
slow to anger and abounding in kindness.
For as the heavens are high above the earth,
so surpassing is his kindness toward those who fear him.

(Psalm 103: 6-7, 8, 11)



The Tears of St. Peter by El Greco