E&W 4-7-13

Sacred Story

Encouragements & Wisdom: April 7, 2013
Divine Mercy Sunday


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E & W reflections are additional helps for your Sacred Story prayer journey. Reflect on them at the beginning of the week or outside of your fifteen-minute prayer windows.



Tradition affirms that human nature was created and willed by God to be a fusion of body and spirit. We are enfleshed spirits. As we begin five weeks of reflections on Memory, we first look at the physical organ called the brain that interacts with our spiritual self. And we should be amazed at what God as wrought!

Although the brain is only 1-2% of our body weight, this magnificent organ uses 15% of our blood flow, 20% of the air we breathe and 20-30% of the energy from the calories we consume. It has about 100,000 miles of functional nerve fibers wound tightly into a bundle no bigger than your two clenched fists. Its 100 billion neuron cells communicate with each other with up to a quadrillion connections, numbering several thousand times the total number of planets and suns in our Milky Way galaxy. Beyond our conscious perceptions, it manages hundreds of thousands of automatic functions per second that keep us standing straight, breathing, sensing, and responding to stress. There is no way for science to estimate the number of memories “recorded” here, but it could be in the trillions.

Pray that the Holy Spirit illuminate all your thoughts, words and deeds so that you can personally encounter Christ in your memories, He who is the source of all Creation, Presence, Memory, Mercy and Eternity.


The stone which the builders rejected
has become the cornerstone.
By the LORD has this been done;
it is wonderful in our eyes.
This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad.

(Psalm 118: 22-24)