E&W 7-7-13

Sacred Story

Encouragements & Wisdom: July 7, 2013


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ETERNITY has been our focus these past three weeks. This week we briefly reflect that our every thought, word and deed has significance for the salvation history of the world and for all of eternity.

Some years ago, Mother Theresa proposed that just giving someone a smile instead of a frown can change things: “peace begins with a smile.” Similarly, every one of our thoughts, words and deeds contributes to God’s mission of redemption, or they work to frustrate this mission. We also need to remember that our thoughts, words and deeds can be motivated by the grace of God or by the deceptions of the enemy of our human nature.

Our thoughts, words and deeds — every single one of them — are of great significance not only for us, but for Christ’s work of redemption that will usher in a new heavens and a new earth. Every thought, word and deed, is thus linked to ETERNITY.

Perhaps this week, you can stop and just say aloud: “every one of my thoughts words and deeds can work with Christ, or against him. Lord, help me wake up to this truth.”


Lord Jesus, help me awaken more each day, and allow every thought, word and deed of mine work with your Love. May every thought, word and deed of mine produce fruit that endures to ETERNITY. May I realize the significance of everything I do, and live for your Kingdom through my prayer in
Creation, Presence, Memory, Mercy and Eternity.


Hear now, all you who fear God, while I declare
what he has done for me.
Blessed be God who refused me not
my prayer or his kindness!

(Psalm 66: 20)