People must believe THE STORY, for it to transform them.

In our own epoch, we have many voices to tell THE STORY anew in powerful ways that can reach both the hearts and minds of today’s Catholics and Christians.

SSI is committed to Third Millennium Evangelization and telling of THE STORY so it is believable to the people of our age.

SSI Publications will publish THE STORY in Summer 2013. It is a new parable of creation, sin and redemption. THE STORY is a tale, simply told, of the familiar story of our Faith conveyed in a new way informed by faith and reason and harmonious with Tradition.

THE STORY will become a living program for SSI that incorporates the insights of theologians, priests, poets, doctors, geneticists, neuroscientists, physicists, psychologists, biologists and a host of other professionals whose faith and expertise is marshalling the evidence to make THE STORY accessible today.

If you want to support research to tell THE STORY in ways that will reach the minds and hearts of today’s youth, young adults and all Catholics, find out how by visiting THE STORY Project at the SSI Support pages.