Promotional Banners

SSI Program Foyer Banners For Your Church


We have created beautiful presentation banners for our programs. To order these presentation banners for your church:
1.Download the PDF
(click the link under the appropriate image(s) at right) to which one(s) you want)
2. Determine how many you want.
3. Send to Melinda at Signs of Seattle—contact information below.

They are 80 inches tall and 33 inches wide; retractable and each has its own carry case. The price is @ $200 plus tax and shipping for each.

To see a sample of what the banner style looks like, click Signs of Seattle.

Contact information is:

6263 Ellis Ave S

Seattle, WA 98108

Phone: 206.292.7446


When you email Melinda, Signs of Seattle will set up an account for you and get the process rolling. It takes usually 3 days from order to shipment. For questions, call Signs of Seattle at the number listed above.