All Sacred Story research is modeled on Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols. All SSI researchers and employees are NIH certified (National Institute of Health) and sign confidentiality agreements.

Sacred Story website,, employs SSL technology (secure sockets layer) to protect the security of our visitors, research participants, and subscribers. SSI uses Qualtrics Survey Suite for all our research. Qualtrics exceeds industry standards in security and storage of data;

SSI subscription service for SSI Examen will be as secure as our regular research protocols. All analysis will be scrubbed of any personal identifiers to reveal only trends and/or issues present in groups participating in the yearlong renewal programs. Individual participants in the group however will each get a personal report based on their own survey feedback to which only they will have access.

Our hope is to use the power of prayer and technology to help individuals and groups of individuals know best where to use their resources to maximum effect for the faith development needs of the community. We want to make the process secure so subscribers will have the confidence that their participation will benefit them and others and be done to the highest professional standards matching our mission. If you have questions about our security and confidentiality protocols, please contact us. Please also read our Privacy Policy.