Sacred Story Institute’s research method tracks groups of individuals through a yearlong process engaging Ignatius of Loyola’s Examination of Conscience disciplines in the new format called SSI Examen developed by Fr. Bill Watson, S.J.

Each yearlong research protocol will employ a weekly feedback system to track participant’s experiences of SSI Examen prayer and a monthly practice of Sacramental Reconciliation.

All research participants will begin the yearlong process with a Sacred Story Whole-Life Survey. This unique survey instrument has been created by SSI to help participants look at their life holistically. The Whole-Life Survey includes, among other things: family of origin, early life experiences and faith attitudes and faith practice. This integral approach is utilized so a complete portrait of one’s story inclusive of the spiritual, emotional, psychological and medical “narratives” emerges.

SSI will use this Whole-Life Survey as a baseline to measure research participants over the course of the year for holistic growth in holiness. Fr. Bill Watson developed this research method in his doctoral work at Catholic University. He discovered that all practitioners of the SSI Examen prayer and Sacramental Reconciliation experienced the power of God’s healing graces that facilitated growth in their faith, interior freedom and peace.