Gil Rodriquez, MD

Current Professional Role:

Chief Medical Officer, Specialty Physicians, Providence Health Services, Portland, Oregon

Professional Experience:

Consultant, Special Projects, Legacy Health System—Portland, Oregon
April 2008­-July 2009

Chief Medical Officer and VP of Strategic Planning and Marketing—Southwest Washington Medical Center, Vancouver, WA.
April 1999-February 2008

Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Southwest Washington Medical Center
April 1999 – May 2005

Interim Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer,

Southwest Washington Medical Center, Vancouver, Washington
July 2002 – July 2003

Medical Director of Surgical Services

Southwest Washington Medical Center, Vancouver, Washington. 1995 – 1999.

  • Responsibilities included overall management of operations for all of surgical services. These included in-patient and out-patient surgery on two campuses; in-patient surgical nursing units;      GI endoscopy; Pain Management Services; Anesthesia Services including Obstetrical          Anesthesia, and Central Processing. (Continued part-time anesthesia practice with full anesthesia privileges including cardiac anesthesia, during this same time period.)
  • Established a Level II Trauma Center

Medical Director of Ambulatory Surgery
1994 – 1995
Southwest Washington Medical Center (This position was incorporated into the Medical Director of Surgical Services position in 1995).

President and Founder
Columbia Anesthesia Group, P.S., Vancouver, Washington.  1991 – 1999

Full-time anesthesiology practice (including privileges in cardiac anesthesia).
Southwest Washington Medical Center. 1990 – 1995

Chairman, Institutional Review Board.
Southwest Washington Medical Center. 1993 — 2004.

Member, Foundation for Medical Excellence Board of Directors.
2001 – 2003.

Commissioner, Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission.
February 1998 – present.
Commission Chair, July 1999 – July 2000.

Anesthesiology Practice
San Jose, California. Full anesthesia privileges – Forest Surgery Center, Sereno Surgery Center, Alexian Brothers Hospital, and O’Conner Hospital.

Anesthesiology Practice

Northern Inyo Hospital, Bishop, California and Mammoth Lakes Hospital, Mammoth, California.

  • Anesthesia Department Chairman at Northern Inyo Hospital and Mammoth Lakes Hospital
  • Medical Director of the Intensive Care Unit and Respiratory Department at Northern Inyo Hospital
  • Member and officer of the Medical Executive Staff (including Chief of Staff) at Northern Inyo Hospital

Anesthesiology Practice
Laguna Hills and Mission Viejo Hospitals, California.

Appointments (both hospitals):

  • Anesthesia Department Chairman
  • Member and officer of the Executive Committee of the Medical Staff
  • Medical Director of Intensive Care Unit and Respiratory Department at SaddleBack Hospital (Laguna Hills, California)
  • Multiple administrative and project development assignments

Clinical Instructor and Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology,
University of Southern California.

Anesthesia Residency
University of Southern California.

Staff Physician
Los Angeles County University of Southern California Medical Center.
Key Roles:

  • Co-Director of Emergency Services
  • Chief of Main Admitting/Emergency Department
  • Co-Planner and Developer of the Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Southern California/Los Angeles County Medical Center.
  • Clinical Instructor University of Southern California Department of Community Medicine

Project Management and Development Highlights at Southwest Washington Medical Center

  • Served Southwest Washington Medical Center as Interim Chief Operating Officer between July, 2002 and June, 2003, pending the selection and arrival of a new CEO resulting in a successful turn-around in operational profitability. No reductions in force were required.
  • Led the planning and development of The Southwest Regional Ambulatory Surgery Center, including the management of all of the joint-venture processes. The joint-venture involved SWMC, the Vancouver Clinic and Rebound Orthopedics and Neurosurgery.
  • Led efforts for the development of multiple Clinical Centers of Excellence at Southwest Washington Medical Center. These included a Heart and Vascular Center, a JCAHO-certified Stroke Program, a Neuroscience Program, and others.
  • Developed multiple clinical Medical Directorships as well as multiple specialized hospital-based services, all requiring contract negotiations and on-going management and over-sight. These included Stroke call-coverage, Trauma coverage, Critical Care coverage, etc.
  • Led the planning and development of Columbia Anesthesia Group, PS, at Southwest Washington Medical Center, resulting in a group numbering over 40 at this time.
  • Key role in Medical Staff Affairs including the establishment of an effective policy and plan for managing disruptive physicians as well as for maximizing and sustaining physician relationships. (I have provided consultative services to other organizations in regards to their specific disruptive physician issues.)
  • Key efforts in developing and nurturing extensive external healthcare-related relationships with key leaders in the Portland-Metro region and throughout Washington and other parts of Oregon.
  • Key efforts in developing and maintaining “political” relationships with State of Washington political leaders, including Congressional leaders.
  • Developed and maintained close relationships with the Washington Department of Health top leadership such as the Secretary of Health.
  • As the Chief Medical Officer and Vice-President of Planning and Marketing, led efforts in developing the “Strategic Plan and Priorities” for Southwest Washington Health System and for the development of an effective “Marketing Plan”. In addition, all major new business development was part of the planning function of this role.
  • Led the effort in identifying, negotiating and ultimately acquiring key real estate properties in Clark County for future development by Southwest Washington Health System.
  • Worked effectively with all hospital-based physician groups in creating and maintaining efficient and high quality patient services and in maintaining excellent referral physician communication.
  • Collaborated with Legacy Emanuel Hospital in the development of a Level II Trauma Center at SWMC.
  • Developed multiple collaborative efforts with Providence, Kaiser, and OHSU involving various clinical programs.
  • Led efforts for physician/hospital joint ventures including Imaging, Cancer, ambulatory surgery, Heart and Vascular and others.
  • Led efforts in developing a Southwest Washington Health System “owned” medical group as well a “System” entity to provide MSO services.
  • Accountabilities in the CMO/VP of Strategic Planning and Marketing role also included over-sight of the Family Medicine Residency program, which has been in existence since 1995.
  • Led efforts in developing and maintaining a division of Physician Recruitment and Development Services since c/y 2000, which resulted in the recruitment of over 300 physicians to the Southwest Washington community in the first three years of the program. These recruitments went to various practices. From 2005 forward, the major focus was on specialists’ recruitment to Southwest Washington. Thoracic and vascular surgeons were successfully recruited and currently are employed by SWMC. In addition, assistance was given to various medical groups for the successful recruitment of cardiologists, neurologists, radiologists, and other specialists.
  • As Chief Medical Officer, I provided direct over-sight to the Medical Staff Office with respect to appointments, re-appointments, incident management, physician behavior-management, and in meeting all regulatory requirements. I also worked closely with medical staff leaders as well as with physicians in general in maintaining close collegial and working relationships. For example, since 1999, until my leaving the role of CMO, there was never a need to conduct a single formal disciplinary process involving a physician for disruptive behavioral issues. All were managed collegially.


University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

Medical School:
University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado
Doctor of Medicine

Maricopa County General Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona

Anesthesia Residency:
University of Southern California – Los Angeles County Medical Center
, followed by faculty appointments.


  • Montana #3237.  1966 to present— Inactive
  • California #C28605. 1966 to present—Active and unrestricted
  • Washington #252-09 00026954. 1989 to present—Active and unrestricted

Professional Interests

Physician Development

  • Physician Leadership Development
  • Physician/Hospital relationships
  • Modeling for future physician shortages
  • Engaging and empowering physicians as “owners” of clinical programs through collaborations, partnerships, joint-ventures, etc.

Quality and Patient Safety

  • Moving from the “priorities” to the “core competencies” concept
  • Advancing the Clinical/Administrative Team Model

Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and the building of relationships

Clinical Program Development, e.g. Centers of Excellence

Meeting Physician “needs” in the Clinical Environment

  • Timely assessment of needs
  • Timely assessment of financial and clinical implications
  • Timely responses and follow-ups with physicians

Healthcare Policy Development

  • Future Healthcare Economics
  • The Future of Emergency Healthcare in America
  • Modeling Senior Care for the future
  • Modeling for improved outcome performance
  • Meeting clinical human resource shortages of the future

Personal Interests

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Hiking, Running
  • Gardening
  • Reading
  • Flying

Professional Affiliations

  • American College of Physician Executives—current
  • Washington State Quality Assurance Commission—Eight and one-half years as Commissioner and currently a Pro-Tem member.
  • Have served in multiple local, regional State panels, task forces, etc, and continues to serve when requested.