SSI Christian Examen

Sacred Story Institute exists to help all Catholics understand their unique sacred story within the Sacred Story of Christ as entrusted to the Church.

Yet SSI knows all Christians are searching for effective spiritual resources to grow closer to Christ. To that end, SSI actively seeks partnerships and promotes research to help all Christians live a sacred story that produces fruit to eternity.

Rev. William Watson’s interest in Christian ecumenism was evident early in his work at both Georgetown University and Gonzaga University. At both institutions he helped students from many different Christian denominations in their faith development by building retreat and spiritual opportunities for them. Inspired by the history of those successes, Fr. Watson’s doctoral work at Catholic University on Ignatius’ Examen included research with Christians from many different denominational groups other than Catholic.

Lutherans, Evangelicals, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, & Baptists all participated in his research with the Ignatian Examen. His research revealed that all the participants in the initial subject groups, both Catholic and other Christians, grew in their faith, in their awareness of transcendence, in their awareness of moral rights and wrongs, and in a deepening awareness of the interplay of the spiritual, emotional and psychological dimensions of holistic faith development.

Because the Church and the Society of Jesus both prize efforts to strengthen ecumenical ties within the wider Body of Christ, SSI seeks to advance the use of Ignatius’ vital, pragmatic spiritual disciplines with all Christian denominations interested in using the SSI Examen.

Therefore, SSI seeks funding to support advancement of the SSI Examen and discernment disciplines with other Christian denominational groups. If you wish to be a research partner or to fund research to this end, go to SSI Examen for All Christians or contact us.