Sacred Stories Project

In a world where bad news appears to have the upper hand, we at SSI know that miracles of transformation and healing by Christ’s love and power are happening on a daily basis. The Good News of Jesus continues in our day and age!

A gift of $75,000 will support SSI’s work to build the infrastructure for collecting and recording in audio and video formats the stories of people’s lives transformed by God’s grace and mercy. The Sacred Stories Project will make those stories available through our website and with a new app developed for this purpose.

We need to hear the Good News to build up our own faith and to encourage people young and old, to find their light and hope in Christ and the Church.

You can support this vital new apostolate and all our mission projects for effective, dynamic Third Millennium Evangelization harmonious with Catholic Faith and Tradition by your tax-exempt gifts, via secure online donation or post.

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