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SSI’s research informs, reinforces, and improves the resources we provide. We want to understand the struggles of our age and propose effective solutions – using the best tools of modern scientific research and speaking the language of the mainstream culture to effectively communicate the Gospel of Christ as handed on by the Church.

Utilizing the WLS© tool, SSI research is a crucial dimension of our work, applying to internal program development, client renewal services, and peer-reviewed published research reports.

SSI wants to create resources that reach everyone, no matter their history or culture. Our vision is to revitalize a daily prayer discipline accessible to everyone to help him have a personal relationship with Christ to discern his voice and choose life as sacred story.

  • Engaged Couples
  • Married Couples
  • Married Couples With Difficulties
  • Native Peoples/Hispanic/Latino/Vietnamese/Filipino and other Culture Groups
  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • Catholic Families
  • Diocesan Priests
  • Religious Women and Men
  • Persons Discerning a Religious or Priestly Vocation
  • Persons With Compulsions/Addictions
  • Incarcerated Catholics/Gang Members
  • Catholics in Volunteer Programs
  • Military Personnel
  • Board Members of Catholic Institutions
  • Catholic High School Faculty
  • Catholics with Disabilities

Research with Sacred Story prayer has demonstrated that, regardless of faith tradition, all participants in initial subject groups grew in their awareness of transcendence, morality, and the dimensions of spiritual/emotional/psychological faith development.

Both the Church and the Society of Jesus value efforts to strengthen ecumenical ties within the wider Body of Christ. SSI seeks to continue this mission by collaborating with other Christians denominations in developing versions of Ignatius’ vital, pragmatic spiritual disciplines as Sacred Story prayer.

Sacred Story Institute needs your support to build research and renewal projects for these groups and beyond. Please consider joining us in this important work.

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