SSI Examen Research

Sacred Story Institute’s primary goal is to promote Third Millennium Evangelization. It does this chiefly by helping Catholics from all walks of life find hope, healing and reconciliation in Christ who comes into our lives as real presence. Utilizing the Ignatian SSI Examen materials developed by Fr. Bill Watson, S.J. distinctive, yearlong prayer courses will be developed by researching specific age, culture, background and needs groups in the Catholic community as they pray the SSI Examen over a fifty two week period.

A $100,000 gift will enable SSI to research each specific group listed below that will include:

  • Forming a research pool of 200-400 research participants for a 52-week study
  • Hire researchers to analyze the data for the participant group
  • Write and publish a research report based on the participant group’s feedback for SSI Publications
  • Develop a unique 52-week SSI Examen course based on the participant group’s responses and feedback harmonious with Catholic Faith and Tradition
  • Upload a unique SSI Examen course to to be used, free of charge, for personal or communal faith development of each targeted group
  • Update the materials for a 5-year period by doing spot-research with the same participant group to understand long-term impact of the SSI Examen with each target group
  • Do cross-research with other participant groups to understand the similarities and differences in faith development to aid the Church’s work of integral Third Millennium Evangelization
  • Refine our K-8 Conscience Formation materials based on our growing research database

And target the following groups:

  • Engaged Couples & Newly Married Couples
  • Married Couples With Difficulties
  • Native Peoples
  • Hispanic/Latino/Vietnamese/Filipino and other Culture Groups
  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • Catholic Families
  • Seminarians
  • Diocesan Priests
  • Religious Women and Men
  • Persons Discerning a Religious or Priestly Vocation
  • Persons With Compulsions/Addictions
  • Incarcerated Catholics/Gang Members
  • Young Adult Catholics in Volunteer Programs
  • Military Personnel
  • Board Members of Catholic Institutions
  • Catholic Grade School & High School Teachers
  • Catholics with Chronic Diseases and/or Disabilities

You can support this vital new apostolate and all our mission projects for effective, dynamic Third Millennium Evangelization harmonious with Catholic Faith and Tradition by your tax-exempt gifts to:

Sacred Story Institute
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