In Summer 2013, SSI Publications will make available a short parable called THE STORY that outlines a new way of imagining the story of creation, the fall and our redemption in Christ. THE STORY provides a template for scholars from diverse fields of expertise including theology, genetics, medicine, astrophysics, anthropology, psychology and the arts to help Third Millennium Catholics see our faith anew.

THE STORY will be a living project that makes a compelling case that what we profess in our Creed is true. From the information available to us today, we can to reveal that the burden of proof is on those who don’t believe in God, not those who do.

A gift of $250,000 will enable SSI to build the infrastructure for a community of scholars whose faith and expertise will enlighten the minds and hearts of the people of our day and help us make THE STORY a living project from the first installment SSI Publications will make available in Summer 2013.

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