Whole-Life Confession

The Whole-Life Confession Program:

  • Will foster a deep, personal encounter with Christ that is life-changing.
  • Will encourage and teach people to pray daily (Ignatian Examen) and receive Reconciliation frequently.
  • Will help people share their faith testimony in witness to the Gospel.
  • Will enable people to lead others to Christ in a reconciling encounter that is both personal and transformative.
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A Transformative Encounter

During each Advent or Lent allow 100 people to make the Whole-Life Confession. Make it a special occasion. In two years you will have 400 people who have had a transformative personal encounter. Your parish will have disciples who can take your faith community to new heights. You will see positive growth in all aspects, including an increase in your parish donations.

We promise pastors and faith formation leaders they will find no other Lenten or Advent program like The Whole-Confession, with as high a spiritual impact and as low a programming-cost. Ignite the faith of your people and bring your community the healing mercy of Jesus with Ignatian programs built to last.

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