Whole Life Survey©

SSI created and copyrighted the Whole Life Survey© (WLS) for our research, based on Fr. Watson’s doctoral work at The Catholic University of America.

The WLS© is a tool used by SSI in developing life-changing spiritual resources. It is also a service we provide parishes and apostolates to assist them in their apostolic and pastoral planning.  Look at a Sample Report to see what this service can do for your parish or faith community.

Whole Life Survey - Missionary Discipleship Program


For Parish & Apostolic Renewal

SSI will offer two distinct services utilizing the WLS©

  • The WLS© can be utilized as a stand-alone analysis. In this format, the pastor and faith formation team can get an analytic “snapshot” of the faith community that provides dynamic pastoral and apostolic planning information.
  • Faith communities can also contract with SSI to run a full research protocol utilizing the Forty Weeks program. When the WLS© is used in conjunction with weekly tracking surveys, a community can powerfully renew their faith together and build a positive apostolic vision for the parish’s future. The Forty Weeks program in conjunction with the 40 week research protocol is akin to a faith community participating in a 40 week retreat together and being able to understand the impact of that retreat on individual lives and the entire faith community at the retreat’s end. It is an immensely valuable and powerful path to parish faith and apostolic renewal.

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Reaching the
of the Heart

Pope Benedict XVI encouraged the Society of Jesus “to reach the geographical and spiritual places where others do not reach or find it difficult to reach.” This same mission has been an overarching theme of Pope Francis’ as well. Many of those “geographic and spiritual places” are the interior world of the human heart – an interior that individuals, due to stress and distraction, have lost touch with.

Research can help us better understand how the ancient truths of the Faith can be communicated to the people of our day in ways that are authentic to Tradition, effective, transformative, and sustainable. That is why SSI’s mission to conduct integral research is one of our two main priorities. We want to help produce spiritual programs and resources that will enable individuals to explore those interior places of the heart where the challenges of life meet the Merciful Christ who is our Way, our Truth and our Light.

All Sacred Story research is modeled on Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols, and all SSI researchers and employees sign confidentiality agreements. All analysis will be scrubbed of any personal identifiers to reveal only trends and/or issues present in groups participating in the renewal programs.

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